Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Call for Clothing Designers, UTSC The Marketing Group Charity Fashion Show

The Marketing Group at the University of Toronto Scarborough are hosting their annual charity fashion show and we are showcasing clothing from Toronto-based designers. They want to attract local designers or boutiques who would be interested in featuring their clothes on their runway! 

Date: November 18th
Place: University of Toronto Scarborough Campus at 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON M1C 1A4
How to apply: Email sophy@themarketinggroup.me with pictures or a website and description of the clothing they intend to feature at the fashion show. Number of outfits can range from 5-15. 
Deadline: Before October 20th
Note: A contract will be created for us to take full responsibility of the clothing and to return them in their original condition. 

This fashion show is a great opportunity to increase brand exposure as we will be marketing the event to UTSC’s student body of over 11,000 people in addition to the two other UofT campuses. Overall, the event is a great way to increase exposure  as well as giving back to the community as all proceeds will be donated to the SickKids Foundation. Post-fashion show, we are organizing a Lookbook campaign for all the outfits at the fashion show to be viewed on our website from students at all three UofT campuses.

Check out last year's Lookbook here.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Bookbinding Workshop

The details:
Book Making Workshop: Longstitch/Linkstitch
Saturday, September 20th, 10am -1pm
Graven Feather, 906 Queen St. West, Toronto

Join TEST's own Carolyn Eady from Sprouts Press to learn how to design and craft your own hand bound journal. This workshop will introduce you to the basic process of hand decorating paper for use as book covers, and then how to incorporate it into a hand bound book using the Longstitch Linkstitch technique.

No previous art experience is required.

To register visit here

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outdoor art & craft weekend: QWAC & DEAF

This weekend is a big one for outdoor art & craft shows! One of the biggest shows of the year is the Queen West Art Crawl! QWAC runs September 12 through 14 and features a huge art and craft show and sale in Trinity-Bellwoods park, on Queen W mear Ossington. This year some of the talent participating include TEST's own:
Natalie Jubb of Fragmentalist, Scotty2Naughty, Okku Design, Knotted Nest, Baited Hook, Jessica Lin Photography, Black Iris Design, CGMonsters, Illustrated By Anya, ZIPPANThe Imagination Spot, Von Estaban, Fitzy Design, Akai Ceramic Studio, Designs By Nature Gems, Inked Lily, Jack and Willa Designs, Nga Dinh Art, Keri Rounding, Landfill Designs, and many, many more!

In the east end, the annual Danforth East Community Association show and sale in East Lynn Park, the Danforth East Arts Fair (DEAF) on Danforth near Woodbine, grows every year. This year it runs September 13 and 14 and features TEST's own Clayshapes, Coy Depot, Your Heart's Haven, Lisa Young Design, Lynn's Lids, sea and lake, Stitch And Spoke, thunderpeep designs, and many more!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vendor call: One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale

Don't Miss the Chance to Apply!
With over 60,000 qualified customers in attendance each Spring, you won't want to miss the opportunity to be a part of Canada's most vibrant handmade shopping event!
Application Deadline: September 19, 2014
Emerging artisans, don't forget about the Craft Community of Canada section! Together with Canada’s leading cultural and educational instituations, this One of a Kind section provides ten emerging talents a place to launch their careers.
Application Deadline: October 10, 2014
Attention Etsy sellers, the Etsy section is back and this year we are welcoming both new and returning Etsy artisans to this popular tabletop marketplace. If you've got an Etsy store and the desire to sell to a handmade-hungry market face-to-face, we'd love to hear from you!
Application Deadline: October 10, 2014

Already applied? Already an exhibitor in this show? Please share the love and pass this
on to anyone you think is a great fit for the show.
For more information, please visit www.oneofakindshow.com/apply or contact:
Lynn Norman
Exhibitor Relations & Recruitment
Valérie Roy
Manager - Bilingual Exhibitor Relations & Recruitment
Join Us

Saturday, August 30, 2014

TEST Etsy Newbie Bootcamp: Class 19 Shipping Snippets

Well, it's back to school time yet again! Time for some more Bootcamp classes! Welcome to our Etsy Newbie Bootcamp! If you want to take part in Bootcamp and get one-on-one mentoring, or answers to any of your questions, please drop us a line at TorontoEtsyST@gmail.com

We have new sellers joining our Bootcamp all the time, so never fear if you're just starting. You can complete the classes at your own pace.

If you've been toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop, this is the moment. In fact, if you sign up now, you can have 20 free listings. Just follow our link and enter the code: TorontoStreetTeam.

The entire series so far: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, Class 13, Class 14Class 15Class 16, and Class 17
If you are just starting out, be sure you've checked out our first module of 6 classes, which cover how to open an Etsy Shop, making your shop look its best including: {Branding & Shop Banners, Shop Profiles Bios and Photos, Make Listings Tempting} and providing the information to your customers about who you are and how you run your business: About Pages, and Shop Policies. These introductory classes should get your shop up and running!

Today we're going to cover recent upgrades to shipping with Etsy!

Speaking of notifications, check out the oh, happy day,
wedding congratulations card by lovelylittlepaperco
Shipping Snippets: Automatic Shipping Notices

With streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity in mind, this July, Etsy introduced some changes to shipping. Now when you mark your item as "shipped" Etsy sends an automatically generated email directly to the buyer to let them know, through a tool called "Shipping Snippets"! No more multiple steps (ship, marking the item as shipped, notifying the customer). Now it's one step. You will be given the opportunity to:
  • identify your shipper, and 
  • include a tracking number (if you have one) 
  • include a message to the buyer
  • set the actual shipping date up to two days in the future (ou set a ship date in the future, your buyer’s receipt will show the order as “Shipping Soon” until the notification is sent. The email will be sent between 9 AM and 5 PM ET on the ship date you’ve chosen. Otherwise, the system defaults to the current day)
  • preview the email which will be sent
  • receive a copy of the message for your own records

Keep your records in style with decorative binder clips from KeepMeClips
If you've already developed the good habit of marking your items as shipped, you'll find that now you can do that and communicate with the buyer more efficiently.
Tip: Do note that this is automatic. If you do have a message for the buyer, or a tracking number to provide, be sure you have that info handy so you need not send multiple messages. Some people, including buyers, hate to see their inboxes overflowing needlessly.

Using Shipping Snippets: Nuts and Bolts

You sell something and want to mark it as shipped. Simply go to Your Shop > Sold Orders and check the Open tab. Sellers in countries with shipping labels, like Canada and the US will see two blue buttons on the open order: "Print Shipping Label" and "Mark as Shipped".

Click "Mark as Shipped" and a window will open which will prompt you to
  •  choose your shipping date (up to 2 days in the future) 
  • add a note to buyer
  • add a tracking number if appropriate
  • confirm your shipper (it defaults to Canada Post for Canadian sellers, and the USPS for American sellers)
  • tick a box if you want a copy of the notification 
Feel serene, knowing your customer knows the package is on its way,
and contemplate seascape Ocean11*14 by Nadia Gurkova
Even more streamlining is availble.  You may also save up to 10 versions of your Note to Buyer. To do so, click the blue message bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the Note to Buyer field.

To preview the email click "Preview" and to submit it click "Submit".

Does this mean your workflow changes? It does for me. If have questions for Etsy you can check out their announcement thread, FAQ and post questions here.

If you are a Canadian or US seller who uses Shipping Labels to print your own postage things are even more streamlined! As soon as you opt to print a shipping label, you get a tool which prints out your postage label with built in Customs forms (if needed), marks your item as shipped and notifies the customer - all in one step. You'll get an additional window to edit a Note to Buyer on the label purchase page.

Orders then move to the Completed Orders tab.

Now you can relax and buy yourself a treat like a lovely,
handmade, tie-dye 100% silk scarf from OrderEthans

The Toronto Etsy Street Team loves Newbie shops! You can find some of our favorite listings from talented Newbie sellers, including those featured in this class in our new TEST ♥ Newbies section. Be sure to stop by often to see what's new in this evolving, curated treasury of amazing Newbie finds!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Etsy Roadtrip Recap! Last stop: Toronto

Did you go out and meet the Etsy Road trip? If you had to miss it, never fear... you can have a taste of what it was like here:

On the Etsy blog, you can read all about it. Check out some of TEST's own talented members who took part!

Nail-art guru Kate of Nail Kandy shows off her wide selection of nail colors.

Alison of Grace Design shares her accessories line with local shoppers.

Kirikipress’s adorable embroidery kits had an equally cute display.

 Did you make any road trips this summer? What's your favorite road trip memory?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vendor call: One of a Kind Spring Show Etsy Section! ****Alumni Welcome!****

Etsy Application Now Online

Back and better than ever!

The One of a Kind Show and Etsy are proud to be partnering up for a third time to bring back the popular Etsy section at the Spring 2015 Show!

We will be hosting 40+ talented Etsy artisans in a tabletop marketplace at the Spring One of a Kind Show & Sale, running March 25-29, 2015 at The Direct Energy Centre. Qualified Etsy Sellers will have the opportunity to exhibit at the most attended and most popular show of its kind in North America!

NEW THIS YEAR! We are introducing the Etsy Alumni program, where past exhibitors can apply for the Etsy section for a second time. Alumni exhibitors will benefit from past show experience, as well as acting as a mentor and sharing their knowledge with a new Etsy exhibitor. If you have exhibited in our Etsy section in the past, we encourage you to apply to join the show for another year and share the One of a Kind love with a new Etsy artisan.
* Please note that Alumni applicants must not currently be contracted for the Spring 2015 show. 

The Details 

Etsy Section Booth Package: $769 + applicable taxes

  • 4 x 2.5' table to display and sell your work
  • Table coverings
  • Individual Etsy signage with booth number
  • Overall lighting and carpet
  • Storage for your excess inventory 

  • Direct exposure to 60,000 qualified shoppers for the 37th annual One of a Kind Spring Show
  • Inclusion in the show guide and an individual profile on the website with image gallery and direct link to your Etsy shop
  • Media and press attention focused on our Special Sections
  • Community support from fellow Etsy sellers on the show floor
  • Participation in an elite fine art and craft show for a fraction of the price
  • Complimentary tickets to the show
  • Free access to the onsite exhibitor lounge

Visit www.oneofakindshow.com 
for complete show information.

Click Here to Apply Now

Application Deadline: October 10, 2014

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