Craftivism and the Coronavirus

Friday, April 3, 2020

Some of the masks made by Adrienne of refluff for donation. (See here)

How are you doing? We hope you are healthy, sheltering in place, and practising physical distancing if you have to go out. Many of you might have a lot on your plate right now with extra worries and perhaps extra childcare or new remote working or job loss to figure out. Doing your part to stay home to keep you and your families safe is enough. Some of you are able to keep handmaking during the lockdown and we're proud to see TEST folks putting their skills to work for the greater good.

Many of our community are sewists and who jumped at the chance to do something to help the community at large at this time of crisis. Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital) has put out a call for hand-sewn masks:

"Calling all sewists! Do you sew or know someone who does? To keep our community healthy and safe, Michael Garron Hospital is issuing a challenge to all east end sewists to collectively make 1,000 masks a week. We want to see all east enders wearing a fabric mask when they need to be within six feet of other people, especially vulnerable populations and the elderly. Find out how you can help:"
 If you're able to help you can download simple instructions here or here and you can find answers from MGH at this link.

Makers using their skills, precious time and fabric stashes to help out: we see you and thank you. A smattering of posts from our local handmakers:

I'll be forever grateful to the midwives that looked after my pregnancies and births of my children. They were one of the first to come to mind when thinking about who I can extend a call to during this time. The midwives are still on call 24/7 and though the appointments have been reduced to lessen the risk of exposure, some patients still have to have their in-person checkups. Again, the handmade masks are only in place as a last resort measure and won't fully stop any viruses from spreading without proper use but it does help save the mandated surgical masks for frontline healthcare workers. These will be donated to my local midwifery clinic for the admin and staff so that the valuable resources can be saved for the midwives when they need to have direct contact with their clients. . . . . . #handmade #handmademasks #masks #facemasks #covid19 #healthcareworkers #midwives #torontomidwives #stayhome #makermovement #makesomething
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And making masks is not the only thing makers are doing to help the larger community! Are you offering free tutorials for those suddenly trying to homeschool their kids or grown-ups for cabin fever? Sharing recipes for those who are stress baking? Sharing your art to help people decompress a bit? Let us know below and we would be happy to share!

Take care everyone!

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