Vender Call: Movies & Makers

Monday, February 28, 2011

Movies & Makers:

A Spring Arts and Craft Show at the Fox Theatre Wants You!

When? Saturday May 14, 2011

A diverse mix of local makers of fine, cool, funky, sassy art and craft selling their wares at the stunning Fox Theatre in the Beaches. The sale is from 11am to 5:30 pm.

Fox Theatre together with T.E.S.T. member GirlCanCreate is looking for a variety of makers. Whether you make jewelry, clothes, art, stuffies, zines, buttons…we want you.

Please note that we cannot accept any makers of food or drink due to building health codes.


The deadline for applications is midnight on March 28th, 2011. All applicants will be notified of participation by the first week of April.

Please see here for submission information

Tickle Me Pink Treasury

Friday, February 25, 2011

Check out T.E.S.T. member Sahetah's pink treasury of Toronto treats.

Vender Calls: Gold Soundz & Hard Twist

Thursday, February 24, 2011

vendor call for golds soundz's Craftstock Festival

Via Toronto Craft Alert:
Hey, this is Marc from Gold Soundz, we’re a music blog/indie rock concert promo company, you can check out our site here.

We’re putting on an indie folk mini-fest/craft fair on March 4th at the Kapisanan Philipine Center For Arts and Culture in Kensington Market and we’ve got a killer lineup, featuring The Elwins, Union Duke, The Box Tiger + Friends, LUM (Liam from First Rate People solo project) and Spirit Oak. If you don’t know these guys, check them out. Everything is on the Facebook event page.

Only thing we need is more craftspeople to come and sell their stuff at the show. We don’t charge any fees or take any percentages. You just come, set up, sell your stuff, have a good time.

Send me an email at if you’d be interested.our site here.

: MAY 6, 2011
Gladstone Hotel Presents Hard Twist 6 – Obsession
Sixth Annual Juried Show Of Textile-Based Art

Exhibition Dates: Nov 25, 2011 – Jan 29, 2012

For Hard Twist 6 – Obsession Co-curators Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell invite artists to submit textile and fibre based works, which reflect or explore obsessive ideas, acts, or fixations through medium, technique, or concept. There are only three criteria; work must:

* be textile or fibre based
* actively address the theme of Obsession
* be designed to hang on a wall or be suspended from a ceiling – we are unable to accept free standing work due to the nature of the exhibition space Hard Twist has become an important annual event within the Canadian textile art community as well as being a signature event for the Gladstone. For this sixth anniversary of Hard Twist, exhibition space will include public spaces on all four floors of the hotel.

For complete submission information, take a look at the following listing... and address your email entries to:

T.E.S.T. interview: KateCanCreate

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 13th in our series, an interview with katecancreate.

What got you started in making handmade creatures?

When I was in university I picked up a copy of Stuffed Magazine, which is about "the crafting of softies". I was so inspired by the different artists' work that I wanted to make my own unqiue band of characters. I started buying fabrics and sketching little pirates and monsters and I haven't stopped making them since.

What do you find to be your greatest rewards and challenges with your creations?

There are so many rewards in creating my softies. I love dreaming them up and watching them come to life. When I finally finish a new character and give them a silly name it is really satisfying. I also love laughing at them as I pose them in ridiculous scenarios for photographs. Creating my characters allows me to express my sense of humour which is a great release for me. My nephews reactions to them are adorable and I cherish that part of it too. My three year old nephew can't stop hugging the monsters, I had to make him some.

The biggest challenges have just been setting up my Etsy shop and figuring things out as I go along. Promotion has been very overwhelming for me and I still haven't decided what would be most successful for my shop. I am considering trying some local craft fairs, creating a blog and things of that nature to increase my exposure.

Where do you see KateCanCreate in ten years?

My dream for KateCanCreate is that I successfuly launch my brand and am able to support myself and my family from it. I would love to create more shops on Etsy to sell my paintings, drawings and quilts and anything else I could possibly dream up over the next ten years.

You mentioned in your profile that you have been creating since you were little, what other things did you enjoy making?

I have been creating things forever. I can remember sewing little teddy bears with my mother when I was a little girl. While other kids played sports I took quilting and sewing classes, painted and crafted. My birthday parties would be centred around crafting and my mom even gave me a crafting room in one of the houses we lived in. I feel I am an artist through and through and nothing makes me happier than creating.

Check out more creations at KateCanCreate! Interviewed by clairevowles of Crafty Mosaics in February, 2011.

Event/Vender Call: MarketSpace Sunday at Radiolaria

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A monthly market featuring rotating artisans, a different brunch cafe every month, live music on the mini stage and coffee served in the Fiat Mihi gallery. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to St. Christopher House.

T.E.S.T. member Torched Studio will be amongst the venders at the MarketSpace on March 6th, 2011, from noon to 8pm. Radiolaria is a gallery and event space at 1166A Dundas Street West. The show itself is put on by Underground Spring, an independent production company that specializes in various forms of arts programming. As this is an on-going show the first Sunday of every month, it can also be considered a vendor call for subsequent shows. Underground Spring can be contacted via here. Interested sellers can write to Pia at and she will send the application form and details.

T.E.S.T. interview: clairevowles of Crafty Mosaics

Monday, February 21, 2011

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the twelfth in our series, an interview with clairevowles of Crafty Mosaics.

Tell us about yourself. What prompted you to start Crafty Mosaics?

I'm 36, married with 3 kids aged 6,4 and 2. I have always loved Mosaic Art of all kinds but a few years back I started attending Mosaic Classes at Mosaic Beach Studios. Here I learned many techniques and was able to make many different projects. I have made many pieces for myself, friends and family and was running out of ideas of what to make. I found some pendant trays that would be perfect to mosaic so I made a few pieces of jewellery for myself as well as for gifts and really loved how they turned out. I got a lot of compliments on them when I wore them and people were always asking for pieces themselves. So I thought I would start Crafty Mosaics and try to sell them on Etsy to see if I could make a go at it. I have loved Etsy since I first heard of it a year or two back and have made many purchases on Etsy for various items. I was so happy with every product I purchased and felt very trusting in the whole process. I love the concept of giving people a chance to sell their handmade goods and I am now really excited to be a part of it.

What is your biggest inspiration for your pieces?

My biggest inspiration is quite simple, it is to see people enjoy the jewellery and art as much as I do!

What is your favourite part of the jewellery making process?

My favourite part of making Jewellery; or any mosaic piece for that matter; is how it transforms as I make it. It rarely turns out how I originally intended (for better or for worse) but more often I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It keeps me on my toes and I’m always learning new techniques and tricks of the trade with every piece I make.

Where do you see Crafty Mosaics in ten years time?

I see Crafty Mosaics with many more products, a larger jewellery line as well as other non-jewellery pieces such as custom number signs for people’s homes. My hope is that one day I will be able to support my hobby so I can continue to mosaic regularly.

Visit Claire's Etsy shop Crafty Mosaics or her website to see more of her creations! Read her blog here. Interviewed by katecancreate in February, 2011.

Vender Call: Ad Astra

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ad Astra is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention which takes place in Toronto, April 8 -10 , 2011. This is its thirtieth anniversary year.

For 2011, the Ad Astra Art Show will be held in Reflections, on the lower level of the hotel (Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites, 1250 Eglinton Avenue East). We invite artists and artisans, both professional and amateur, to bring their creations to our show, and display them for sale and auction.

The Artists’s Package will be available shortly.

Thanks to Etsy user adicat (part of their programming department) for bringing this to our attention. She also volunteered to place interested sellers in contact with the artists/dealers contact. You convo her at the link above.

T.E.S.T. Interview: Quacked

Friday, February 18, 2011

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the eleventh in our series, an interview with Quacked.

How long have you been making adorable plushies? What inspired your to start crafting and open your etsy shop?

It's been about five years, now. I'm really into cute geeky stuff, and I enjoy wearing kooky accessories and hanging plushies off my bags and whatnot. My first inspiration to start up a plushie making business was during my first visit to a Japanese animation convention. I saw some people selling their adorable handmade crafts in the artist alley and I thought, "I could do that." So I did.

What inspires you to make a new product - how do you decide what to make next?

I usually start with a story first. Most of my plushies have a funny little story to go along with their image, and it's easier to come up with a design once the plush has characteristics. Food is also a big inspiration; I love to cook, so many of my products have something to do with food, like my Tofu Bunnies and Food Chains.

How/where did you learn to make cute plushies? Do you have any resources you could share with those would like to learn?

I taught myself. Google was definitely my friend. I found lots of how-to-videos and free patterns online when I first started sewing. Also, fabric stores usually sell patterns for only a few dollars, and I found some easy teddy bear and bag patterns that helped with the basics. If there was a certain stitch, or sewing term I didn't know in the instructions, I just googled it. Check out your clothes, and bags: turn them inside out and see how they're sewn together and how many pieces were used. That's how I learned to develop my own patterns for tiny clothes to dress my plush dolls in. You probably won't be perfect from the start, but stick with it. There was a lot of trial and error involved, with me, and I produced loads of junk plushies before decent stuff emerged.

What is your day job? (or if this is your day job, what do you do when you're not crafting?)

Currently, this is my day job. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Throughout the year, but during the summer especially, I travel to geek conventions across Canada and sell my goods. But when I'm not crafting or selling, I'm probably doing something nerdy, like writing, and reading books or comics. I also do loads of cooking and eating--and then lots of walking.

Your Harry Potter plush set is adorable! (especially Harry with his little glasses peaking out of his outfit- so kawaii). What are some of your favourite items you have created?

Thanks! Hmm, probably my Surprised Bacon Pillow. Which I guess is kinda ironic since I'm a vegetarian, but I used to really like bacon, and his O faces me laugh. I have a soft spot for cookies, and cute monster stuff, so I'm also fond of my plush
Cookie Monster charms and Little Monster characters.

How do you advertise your shop? Do you have any tips for new sellers out there on how to get their shop out there and in the spotlight?

I just opened my Etsy shop late last year, so I'm still learning the ins and outs of marketing. I sell at a lot of anime/comic conventions so I always bring a stack of business cards to give out. I also use social media: facebook, twitter, blogger, etc. I'll be trying giveaways and sales soon through these networks. I think good photos and a detailed description are especially important for online shoppers since they can't touch the item before buying. This is what makes stuff stand out for me, at least. I try to take clear photos from different angles (front, back, side). Photos that display the item's size, or show the product in use are useful, too.

Visit Quacked's etsy store. Like her on facebook or follow her on twitter. Be sure to check out her blog to learn more about this fabulous artist and her upcoming events!

Interviewed by kumacrafts in February, 2011.

Talented Newbies: Be the first to buy from these Toronto Etsy sellers

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Help these T.E.S.T. members get their first sale or first feedback!

Today, I was looking at T.E.S.T. members under Paper Goods and noticed that SepiCards, Mr. Handsomeface Designs, PaperSweet Crafts, and I - madebyjacqueline are all in need of their first sale and/or first feedback.
So I decided to go each shop and pick my favourite item. Have a look at these talented T.E.S.T. members. Maybe you'll find that item you've been looking for...

SepiCards: Red and Yellow Floral Card
Mr. Handsomeface: Apple Slices Flat Notecard

Paper Sweet Crafts: Washer Wear Butterfly

Made by Jacqueline: Baby Carriage Card

12 Artists, 12 Hours, 7 Performers

This weekend you can find one of our TESTy Team Members, Marissa from Sea Flower Studios at this fun show! Wonderful art and handmade items will be available and there will be entertainment throughout the day. If you're in the area be sure to stop in and say hi! For more information visit click here

Blog Feature for Fuchst Bags

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check out team member Sea Flower Studios blog to see the most recent feature introducing TESTy Member Mandy from Fuchst Bags! Visit the post here!

Vender Call: Brampton Arts & Crafts Festival

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We are now accepting applications for creative folks to join us at our upcoming

Brampton Arts & Crafts Festival, Saturday, July 16th at The Rose Theatre.

Our deadline for applications is April 1, 2011.

To find out more, please download our application here

Event/Vender call: crafTEAtime

Join us on Sunday Februrary 20th for crafTEAtime!

crafTEAtime is a tea party and marketplace all-in-one, showcasing local DIY-divas and artists with their charming crafts & creations!

When: Sunday February 20th 2011
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Where: Paintlounge (3603 hwy 7 east, markham)

Venders include TEST member voteza.

Your admission of $15 includes:
* an afternoon tea set of scrumptious goodies
* $10 off our XS canvas
* exclusive opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, knit-work, art and more!

Book your spot today as space is limited! Afternoon tea times are 1pm and 3pm, please specify your preferred tea time when making your reservation.

Our websites: here and here

Reservations can be made by phone at 416-900-2633 or email at

VENDOR CALL: Creative Heart Collective @ The Gladstone Hotel

Friday, February 11, 2011

Creative Heart Collective is a Spring themed show and sale for local artisans, crafters, designers, bakers and retailers. The mission of the event is to give artists, entrepreneurs and retailers an opportunity to connect and showcase their wares with the community in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

The focus for the show will be:

* Indie arts and crafts (stationary, cards, toys, small sized artwork)
* Fashionable gifts (jewellery, accessories)
* Homemade food (baked goods, preserves)
* DIY presents
* Vintage

Creative Heart Collective is looking for artisans, bakers, artists, crafters and local retailers to exhibit and sell their work on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 & Sunday, April 17th, 2011, 11am – 5pm. This daytime event will be taking place at The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West) in The Ballroom (click to view images).

Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, March 30th, 2011, however, please apply early as the number of available spots is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For more detailed information on how to apply, please click here.

Colour TEST

T.E.S.T. member wintergarden has been making some spectacularly colourful treasuries of local Etsy goodies. Have a look!

Event: Seedy Sunday

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catch TEST member cubits (featuring some items from TEST member Voteza too) at Seedy Sunday

Put together by
Seeds of Diversity, Seedy Saturday/Sunday events happen all over Canada and cubits be participating in the Toronto, Scarborough and North York events.

There will be a huge market place of heirloom seeds, books, great tools and interesting gardening supplies, information from government and non-government organizations, and the biggest seed swap you could ever imagine.

Get there early, garlic and
seed potatoes tend to sell out with in the first hour.

Blog Feature A Little Bit of Grace Designs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Check out team member Sea Flower Studios blog to see the most recent feature introducing TESTy Member Alison from the Etsy Shop Grace Design! Visit the blog here

Vender Call: Artisans at the Distillery

Monday, February 7, 2011

Only Canadian-produced handmade products will be considered. A 10’X10’ WHITE tent is required (your own or rented). We provide a limited number of 6’x10’ tents. We provide & install the tent weights (please check terms & conditions)
Two different media are allowed in a booth. 20’X10’ IS ACCEPTED AT TWICE THE RATE.
A CORNER BOOTH is $50 extra plus HST.

This is a juried show. We are accepting only the finest craftspeople offering original work made in Canada. Please return this form with $375 + 13% HST ($48.75) = $423.75. Provide 5 photos of your product. E-mailed photos and/or web site is acceptable. We will return the original material ie: photos, binders, etc. to you ONLY if you include a self-addressed envelope with postage.
Selection by jury will be held March 1/2011. We will respond by email March 5 if you have been selected or rejected. Your cheque will be cashed on March 1 2011 if accepted. It will be returned if not.

Of Rodents and Rabbits

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's all about small mammals with big teeth this February, starting with a very snowy Groundhog Day! T.E.S.T. can offer a rather more Canadian-themed rodent: check out these Beaver Stamp Cufflinks by cuffcraft, or the Toronto's most common rodent (we hope) the squirrel (see Little Squirrel by drelin). Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and we commence the Year of the Rabbit! ζ­ε–œε‘θ΄’! Kiung Hi Fat Chhoi! Enjoy all these bunnies and rabbits and hares!

Little Squirrel by drelin

We hope mice are less common, unless they are Purrrfect Eco Mice by Voteza

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Tu-z - The Rabbit, Linocut, 4th in Chinese Zodiac, Limited Edition by minouette

Year of the Rabbit art titled Meditative Rabbit Pointing at the Moon by GwenArtDreamscape

Get the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Plush Doll by quacked for your little rabbit.

Send the Year of the Rabbit Happy Chinese New Year card by VintagePaperParade

Fed your rabbits the best! Organic Orange Imperator Carrot Seeds by cubits

For your little bunny's hair: Bunny Rabbit Wool Felt Hair Clip

For the perpetually late bunny: The White Rabbit Ring by candychick

Get in on the vampire trend in the Year of the Rabbit: Fun Vampire Bunny Brooch by AutumnAndBoo

Wear the Bunny on Vanilla and Red. A fused glass pendant necklace. by ellecools

Decorate with the Screenprinted Wooden Ornament- bunny with maple leaves by genevievejodouin

For the baby bunny: Angel Bunny Knitted by GoodYarns

Wear the On Sale - Miniature Rabbit Manju Charm by PetiteCreation

Wear the CutiePie charm bracelet (with bunny) by ratgirl

Use the Bunny Silhouette - Available in Print or Web Versions by SoRad

Send the TAKE ME TO THE HOP - Greeting card by thegirlinyellow

Wear the Neighborhood Animals (1.25 inch button pack) by zomb
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