Tasty TESTy Treats

Check out some of the great variety of of handmade goodies from Etsians in Toronto. This is a tiny sampling of items which look good enough to eat (or drink)! We're a sweet and savory group!

Original Fine Art Painting - Bananas, Tomatoes and Limes by artbyarlenebabad

I Heart and Eat Sushi Button (1.25 inch) by zomb

Tofu power pinback button by Zippster

Pink Swirl Bow Cupcake Earrings - FREE SHIPPING by xoxocupcake

Bottles on Periwinkle. A fused glass pendant necklace. 126. by ellecools

Vanilla Cake with Strawberries by Candychick

Juicy Pop Magnets - Cupcake Love by JuicyPop

Gingerbread Man Clippies THANKSGIVING SHIPPING SPECIAL by CupcakeCreative

Black Cherry- Blank Card by shopbirddroppings

Carb Addict charm bracelet by ratgirl

Apple Pie photo set - four 5x7 photos, unframed (an Only On Etsy Deal) by anotherangle

Juicy Tomato - Fused Glass Pendant by urbanfusions

Dark Ceramic Olive Tray by lurearts

Spicy garlic ornament by minouette


  1. Juicy menu! How can I contribute some paper work?
    Like this for instance: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34247266

  2. Thanks Eugene!

    I'm going to make several other entries like this one, on different themes, so we can profile everyone. I noticed that food seemed common to many (but not all) shops. Maybe next entry will be on say, architecture? We could feature some of the art in your shop and some of the photographers who are on the team.

    All suggestions welcome! Please let me know if you have any great ideas or would like to be interviewed on the blog.

  3. Food is always good :)
    Yeah! Great idea to be interviewed on the blog, sure! And to participate in the next entry may be not from the architectural point of view but printmaking (that can be shared with others who does napkins/zines/post and event cards) - why not?

  4. I have this idea: people and places. I think it will work well! I'm pretty familiar now with what the team makes because I've been looking in all the shops.

    We will get a volunteer (possible me, possibly not) to interview you for the blog soon! Thank you!

  5. :)

    Cheers Pam!
    p.s. I'm adding your blog to the blogroll


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