April Fool's!

April 1st, April Fool's Day, join T.E.S.T. in having a little laugh with things which are not what the seem, the unexpected, jokes, pranks and as they say in French, the poisson d'avril! How about a rubber ducky (5 x 7 print) by anotherangle for the bird watcher in your life?

AvrilLoreti has a whole Mustache Handkerchiefs - Pop Of Color - Set of 4 for your fun disguise needs.

For the Tiger who doesn't take herself too seriously there's the Year of the Tiger card by Bebbers

BombusLanes's misfit bumblebee is sure to make them laugh!

Tell 'em, in Toronto, all the raccoons are friendly. Raccoon High Five Linocut - 1st Edition by minouette

CandyChick offers a
Coconut Juice Ring

It's the
Hand-Stamped MINI Card .Alice and her extra long neck.. Alice In Wonderland Series by FostenGreetings

A different way to wear a bow tie: Victorian Bow Tie, vintage pendant one-of-a-kind necklace by hdunstan

Or another, with the SALE - singular sensation gold knit bow tie - necklace by moonlightforviolet

Or a playful take on the tie - the SALE - tiny tie necklace - upcycled and reconstructed by ilovetweek

Twister fun from juicypop

Get the Take Off and Hoser - set of 2 beer cozies by knitrovert

Confuse their senses with help from Smells Like A Day At The Beach Lotion

For Darth-dog, get the Darth Vader Boba Fett bandana by peachykeenpets

Check out ratgirl's fun take on the Diamond stud earrings

Get your Zombie Defense League (1.25 inch button pack) by zomb

Maybe I'm a nerd, but I think theAlcohol Molecule Earrings - CH3CH2OH by slashpile are hilarious!


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