Hallowe'en TESTy Treats

Are you ready? Hallowe'en is around the corner. Be prepared for the little candy-seeking zombies to come knocking at your door with the Zombie Defense League (1.25 inch button pack) by zomb

Send Hallowe'en greetings with a Happy Hallowe'en postcard by Zippster

Invite your friends to your Hallowe'en party with Trick or Treat Halloween Cards by VintagePaperParade

Let the scent set the scene for your haunted house with Smells Like A Funeral Home Spray - Hallowe'en by mythicalmatters

Keep the kids reading and crafting after their sugar high with Kids Hallowe'en Bookmark Crafting Kits by papersweetsca

Face your fears, then wear the Award for Bravery - Arachnophobia by slashpile

Decorate with art fit for Hallowe'en with the The Bat Linocut by minouette

Dolls celebrate Hallowe'en too and need a Miniature felt pumpkin patch by kltrocks

Dress the dog for Hallowe'en with the Spooky Squares collar - Size XLby peachykeenpets

Get your zombie decor fix with Zombie Hand Embroidered by Keep Up The Imagination

Wear these Skeleton and Cobweb Hallowe'en Earrings - Rattle My Bones by jackdawpilate (on sale now!)

Elvis-impersonating alien from outer space, need I say more? Read the Alien Elvis in Toronto Scifi Indie Graphic Novel. by ezhillin

Wear a Spooky Owl. A fused glass pendant necklace. by ellecools

Celebrate Latin American holiday Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos with the Sugar skull pin by carolineillustrates

Wear your treats with Candy Apple and Cany Corn Necklace by candychic

Channel your inner space alien with this Bookmark - Commence The Dance Hence by cyclopsandowl

The littlest ones can get in on the Hallowe'en fun with Pumpkin Baby Flat by BiKay

Once the little trick-o-treaters have gone to bed, the grown-ups can have some fun. Get Hallowe'en Treats for your Lover - Set of 4 cards by thegirlinyellow

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