Vendor Call: Sale of the Century

Via the Toronto Craft Alert, a little Vendor Call:

Melissa, the organizer, for Sale of the Century, going down Tuesday September 20 from 7-10pm is hosting a night of shopping, drinking and eating at the west-end gem of a restaurant, Zocalo.

And she wonders if you would also like to offer your wares at this event.

She started out envisioning a vintage sale and it quickly turned into a night of old and new friends peddling our various wares for money, barter, hugs, promises, drinks, etc.

A few of the earliest confirmed participants include:

ADR will offer readings as a Tarot apprentice (for ten dollars per reading).

Janet MacPherson (finally back from her 3 year stint in Ohio) will sell her beautiful ceramics.

She will sell spoils from my vintage (and lightly used clothing) collection.

And it is likely that Barbara Lindenberg will show a dance.

Would you like to join us?

Sale of the Century will occur on Tuesday September 20 from 7-10.
It will cost $5 to secure a table.
She would love to see you all there with your cds, jewellery, health food, paintings, art and crafts, vintage clothing, macrame, baked goods or a song in your heart.

Please email her if you would like to take part (skysdale '@'
Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in participating.

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