Vendor Call: City of Craft

Applications Open for City of Craft 2012

Event: December 8&9, 2012
Application Deadline: August 31, 2012, Midnight EST

Hurry hard, Citizens! Applications are now up and running for City of Craft 2012 - the most dazzling way to cap off your year in indie craft.

As usual, we are plotting and planning at City of Craft HQ to make this year as magical and full of surprises as ever and we want you, vendors new and old, from far and wide, to show us what you've been up to so that we can assemble yet another great crew of vendors to beguile Toronto holiday shoppers.

Want to apply? Here's what to do:
2. Seriously, read it.
3. Get yourself some kick-ass images of your work.
4. Figure out how to put your artistic impulses and processes into words.
5. Submit yourself to the fates.
6. Return to summer frolicking as usual.
7. (optional) Tell your friends. Forward this email. A few hopeful applicants always seems to miss our calls no matter how much we try to get the word out - you can help!


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