TEST Meetup Summary

Last Saturday the team held a discussion meetup and we chatted about lot's of different things... here's a little summary of those chats.

The number one topic on the agenda was our Spring Show. June 1st was decided as the date (all depending on securing a location) We threw around ideas for location with the Brickworks being the most popular choice. We'd love to get the beautiful space for a number or reasons. More space, more vendors and the inclusion of our Vintage members and more space per booth. We are also looking to get the shoppers more involved, with vendor workshops during the show. Either vendors selling, or members just looking to teach a workshop during the show. We did also discuss the idea of a pop up, either in the East End (Danforth) or along Dundas West, both having the space and eager landlords. Perhaps we'll save the pop up for the Holiday show!

Emma has been researching some funding for the team, city arts grants, etsy fellowships etc, so we can make our shows even more fantastic, and secure even more workshops. We're reviewing the applications, if you have any suggestions let us know!

Kevin is doing some updates to the app to make it even more awesome! We'll let you know when that's all ready to roll out.

We chatted quite a bit about workshops, we want to do MORE, we love the idea of our members sharing their talents. If you're interested in leading a workshop let us know, we have the next 3 lined up (Bookbinding with Sprouts Press in March, Candice of candiware - polymer clay mini food this summer and Nicole of spontaneousreality - Eco-dying in the fall) If you know of a venue that would house our workshops, let us know as well. We're always looking for great spots to meetup.

Candace (Candiware) offered to do up a photoshop tutorial for the blog, tips and tricks for your product shots. Stay tuned for that one later this spring. We're continuing to improve the blog, including adding a contact page, so you'll know who to contact for what! Got suggestions.... let us know.

Our next team event will be the bookbinding workshop with Carolyn. We'll let you know the details as soon as we have them all! Hope to see you there ;}


  1. So sad I wasn't able to make it. Thanks for posting the summary for us all!

  2. Sounds great -- sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting. Looking forward to all of these events and ideas!

  3. thank you! sorry I missed the meeting. I've bookmarked June 1 and hope you settle on Brickworks! Let me know if you need any help.


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