Vendor Call: Cordially Yours Craft Sale & Rock Show 2013

Cordially Yours Craft Sale & Rock Show 2013 Application
Basic Show information:
Cordially Yours Craft Sale & Rock Show will be holding its first Toronto show at the Lula Lounge at 1585 Dundas Street West in July 31, 2013.
Doors open to vendors at 3pm and the general public at 5pm. Vendor tables will be active from 5pm until 10pm and the show itself continues on to 2am.
Entertainment will include 4 bands, to be determined.
50% of gross door sales will be donated to The Red Door Shelter, which is an organization aiding at risk women and youth with housing and support.
Show Facts:
-       The first Cordially show debuted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2008 and grossed  $5,000 for the selected charity
-       The second installment occurred in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2009 and grossed $4,000 for the selected charity
-       We hope to have our most successful show yet at our inaugural Toronto presentation of the series, aiming for $8,000 gross to go to the selected charity
-       Everything sold at the show is either vintage (more than 10 years old) or made by hand in Canada
Acceptance Criteria:
-       You must be the designer. Applicant must also be involved in the creation and production of your art and craft
-       You must reside in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area.
-       Your art or craft must be made in Canada
Mandatory Items to include in your Application Package:
Your application MUST include the following items. All applications will not be returned, Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
IMPORTANT: Please do not email or fax your application and support material.
-       Application Form (to be printed from last page)
-       Photos: a website, DVD or USB thumb drive with high resolution jpegs representing the range of work you would like to sell at the show. All jpegs must be 300 dpi, no smaller than 1500 pixels and no larger than 4000 pixels in dimension on any side.
-       Biography: Tell us about yourself! Your education and training and where you have shown and sold your works.
-       Deposit: Please enclose, along with the attached application form, a cheque deposit of $100 payable to ‘The Tickety Boutique’. This deposit will be cashed only if you are contracted for space at the event. This is the full table cost for the show.
Click here to download application form.
Emailed applications will not be accepted.


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