Back to School for Etsy Newbies!

We here at TEST get a lot of questions about selling online on Etsy and we're always happy to help. Helping fellow sellers are what street teams are all about. We decided this August, with another autumn just around the corner and 'Back to School' beginning to be on people's minds, that we could start helping newbie and soon-to-be Etsy sellers a little more formally. Don't worry... this won't be like school with surprise pop quizzes or homework! Rather, we're going to offer our experience, tips, advice and mentoring to anyone who wants to opt-in. So we're going to start a 'Back to School: Etsy Newbies Bootcamp' blog series, complete with an opportunity to get one-on-one mentoring.

So, are you a new Etsy seller? Have you only been selling on Etsy for a few months? Have you been toying with selling on-line? Find it a bit daunting or have questions? Or, are you an experienced seller who has been trying to convince your favorite talented artists to sell on-line? I know that's why I initially signed up; I wanted to convince my artist friends that you could actually make some money from selling art. Let these future Etsy sellers know. All of these newbies - or even those toying with the idea - should sign up for our Bootcamp! If you do, you can get mentoring or questions answered directly, and we'll feature some of our favorite newbie items here on the blog, and our other social media. Sign-up any time by writing an email to with 'Newbie' in the subject line, or leave a comment below. If you have already opened your shop, be sure to let us know how to find it. You can also contact me directly through my Etsy shop: minouette.

Oh, and while team membership is limited to Toronto sellers, we'll accept Etsy newbies from further afield, so sign-up today!

Want to get a head's start and dive right in? Just follow this link or click on the 'Turn your passsion into your business' button on the sidebar.


  1. this is great! I will definitely be sharing this with WEST - thanks

  2. HI,
    I'm a new Etsy seller and would really love to sign up for the Bootcamp!


    1. That's fabulous! What's the name of your shop? Stay tuned to the blog for future installments of the Bootcamp.... but if you tell us your shop name, we may feature your items.


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