Vendor Call: Art Fusion FESTIVAL at Evergreen Brick Works

Artists of T.E.S.T. are invited to take part in the Art Fusion FESTIVAL at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, on Sunday June 22.

Artists can display/sell PAINTINGS for FREE or book a vendor spot for $20 here: or go to:

It's FREE to display/sell PAINTINGS. Artists can reserve a spot at NO CHARGE to display as many paintings as they want - as long as all the paintings are on easels - and there is no size restriction.To reverse a spot at NO CHARGE, Artists can go here:

Artists who would like to bring a table to sell jewelry, craft, candles, prints etc, they can book a vendor spot for $20 here

Here is additional information:
-each vendor spot fits an 8 ft long table
-Artists must bring their own folding table
-There is a parking lot right outside the Pavillons area where artists can park temporarily to unload and setup.
-The Pavillons area is completely covered and lit up at night
- there is FREE Shuttle BUS to the event:
-The festival runs from 3pm to 9:30pm @ Evergreen Brick Works

Additionally, artists can post their Facebook pages on the FB event to advertise about their craft!

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