Outdoor art & craft weekend: QWAC & DEAF

This weekend is a big one for outdoor art & craft shows! One of the biggest shows of the year is the Queen West Art Crawl! QWAC runs September 12 through 14 and features a huge art and craft show and sale in Trinity-Bellwoods park, on Queen W mear Ossington. This year some of the talent participating include TEST's own:
Natalie Jubb of Fragmentalist, Scotty2Naughty, Okku Design, Knotted Nest, Baited Hook, Jessica Lin Photography, Black Iris Design, CGMonsters, Illustrated By Anya, ZIPPANThe Imagination Spot, Von Estaban, Fitzy Design, Akai Ceramic Studio, Designs By Nature Gems, Inked Lily, Jack and Willa Designs, Nga Dinh Art, Keri Rounding, Landfill Designs, and many, many more!

In the east end, the annual Danforth East Community Association show and sale in East Lynn Park, the Danforth East Arts Fair (DEAF) on Danforth near Woodbine, grows every year. This year it runs September 13 and 14 and features TEST's own Clayshapes, Coy Depot, Your Heart's Haven, Lisa Young Design, Lynn's Lids, sea and lake, Stitch And Spoke, thunderpeep designs, and many more!

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