Photography classes for TEST Members!

T.E.S.T.'s own Chloé Norman of Augustly is photographer/instructor with GTA Photography Classes. She has worked with Etsy shop owners who are looking to improve their product shots. Now, GTA Photography is offering a TEST-member only photography workshop that would teach shop owners how to take great shots on their own:  
At GTA Photography Classes we offer a Photo 101 class that covers the basics of how to improve your shots using manual mode, and how to consider subject placement and background to get the best photos possible (More info at The information we cover would really benefit shop owners (and likely boost their sales!)
The Photo 101 session starting on Feb 11th is devoted to T.E.S.T. members only. Participants would receive 40% off the regular cost of the 4 week class if they register as a part of T.E.S.T. using promo code: TEST 

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