9 Tips to Create a Perfect Customer

You made a sale - Congratulations. Before you send the customer their purchase, make sure you have the tools to effectively contact the customer again. Get your customer's information!
Customers buy from people they like, know and trust. The customer already likes your product (and hopefully you).
Step back and get to know your customer, so they will trust you and come back for more.
Did you know that your BEST customer is an EXISTING customer.
Here are 9 simple ways you can create a perfect customer, build a relationship and keep them coming back for more.
1) Get their information: Ask for their email address
2) Get their information: Ask for their mailing address (you'll find out why ... see point 6)
3) Get their information: ask for their birthday (see point 7)
4) Note their purchase (listen): write a note for yourself (Ms. Smith, purple necklace for her sister)
5) Follow-up and make it personal. It takes 30 seconds, and will make your customer feel good (and potentially come back for more). Hi Ms. Smith. Thanks for visiting my etsy shop, I hope your sister loves the purple necklace as much as you do. Sincerely Sarah
6) send a handwritten thank-you... our mailboxes are full of bills - treat your customer to a hand-written card. A short simple note is perfect.
7) You know your customer's birthday ... and send them something special on their birthday. This could be months from when you initially met them, but this little interaction will keep you fresh in their minds.
8) Be an expert. You have their information, send them something interesting. Trending colours, new jewellery techniques. Maybe even a how-to or DIY.
9) Special Occasions. Remember your customers year-round. Mother's Day is coming up ... what a perfect chance to wish your customers a Happy Mother's Day, or send a sample or gift.
Written by Jacqueline Hunter (Show Director, Craftadian)
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Frankly, I find point 3 a bit intrusive....I would be suspicious of a shop that asked for my birthdate and would probably hesitate to purchase from them again!

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