Etsy Craft Party

Since 2010, every year there's an Etsy Craft Party, a global celebration of meeting and making. This year’s Craft Party is happening on June 6 in homes and event spaces all around the world. You can find the DIY instructions for this year's craft (Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape) here. This year, T.E.S.T.'s own Michelle Maynard from SimonesRoseBoutique is teaming up with Sew Be It Studio who is sponsoring the space, to host their Etsy Craft Party! Sign up to join the party at the

Sew Be It - ETSY Kaleidoscope Craft Party page

Here's a link to the Etsy craft party page as well if you want to find a party that is in your area - or if you want to host one!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out you guys! Much appreciate you spreading the word. I hope some TEST team members will be able to make it out! Cheers,
    Michelle / Simone's Rose


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