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We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 96th in our series and is with Binta Bah of BBTresors.  

Where does the name BB Tresors come from?

The world Tresors is French for Treasures, and BB are my initials. Every piece of jewelry I create has so much of me in it, I feel like the whole line is my personal collection, my own treasures, thus BB Tresors.  

How would you characterize BB Tresors Jewelry?

BB Tresors Jewelry is a combination of edge and delicacy. I love the idea of mixing gemstones, and gold metals using clean, fluid designs to achieve a boho look with a minimalist touch. I find the combination of gems and gold metals strikingly beautiful and organic.

Your work is definitely beautiful and organic. And why gemstones?

Thank you! I love bold colors, and I love stories. Gemstones tell stories, and they come in beautiful vivid colors, so it was a natural choice for me. Every gemstone has some meaning, energy, and story to it. There is a hopeful and sentimental value to gems that's very appealing.

I’ve noticed that some of your pieces seem to be yoga inspired. Are you into yoga? 

You're speaking of my Mala Collections. Malas, traditionally used as prayer beads to help count mantras during meditation, are now part of a yoga lifestyle, and trendy everyday wear jewelry. And yes, I'm very much into yoga. I've been practicing it for years. I'm easily stressed and tend to be moody, especially when I'm not creating or feeling inspired. Doing yoga keeps me centered and grounded. And designing malas and yoga inspired pieces does the same for me. I find the process very soothing and meditative. And I love the idea of making jewelry with a meaning.

What is the most important element for you when designing a new piece?

I love every step of my process when designing a new piece. And I find every element of it just as important. From the conception of an idea, which can be inspired by anything: a trip to the flower shop, or fruit market, an afternoon at the park, shopping for gemstones, ... to choosing the right gemstones and colors. I love combining unusual colors and materials and working out how to balance the bold with soft tones.

I think you do a great job with that balance. Where can we see you this summer?

Thank you so much! This summer and fall, I'm very excited to be part of The Kensington Market Art Fair (KMAF) in July, September and October, The Waterfront Artisan Market in July, August, October,  The Cabbagetown Festival in September and the Queen West Art Crawl in Octobe.

You can keep up to date with BBTresors at the following:

Etsy Shop: BBTresors
Website: www.bbtresors.com
Facebook: @bbtresors
Instagram: @bbtresors
Twitter: @bbtresors
Pinterest: @bbtresors

Interviewed by Keir Dahlke of KeirDahlke on June 26, 2016.

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