T.E.S.T. Interview: CheapThrillsCompany

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 104th in our series and is with Ky Teale of CheapThrillsCompany

How would you describe your Etsy store in five words? 

Kitschy, Quirky, Cute, Coney Island.

Where did your love for ghouls and “offbeat art” come from? 

I am a huge horror movie nerd. I try to keep everything as cute as possible in the shop, but you will definitely see the fan girl in me slipping in from time to time ;). I created my version of the Girl Gang movement with the Ghoul Gang Collection.

For those of us not in the know, what's the "girl gang movement"? Does it refer to a comic or anime?

It's an online movement of girls supporting other girls through, art, business, and lifestyle.

What is your favourite TV show?

I am more of a movie buff, but I am currently really enjoying Scream Queens :)

How do you decide what your next product will be?

I have a sketch book and draw from daily inspirations.

Have you always sketched – do you have formal art training?  Or, where did you your creative talents spring from?

No, I actually only picked up sketching in the last couple of years. My mother was an artist so growing up I actually shied away from the arts, and because of this I am not formerly trained. I began sculpting ten years ago and from there started sketching and painting. At the time it pulled me out of a massive depression and I have found art to be an amazing therapeutic tool since.

You have a wonderful variety of products in your shop. Are you inspired by seeing the format (embroidered labels, tote bags, etc) as a canvas for your ideas, or do you source them to match the original sketches? (Or perhaps it's a combo ;) 

Yes, my shop is definitely not shy of diversity as I do like to work with various mediums. I think it's a bit of a combo, however, I typically come up with the design first and then decide what medium might be best.

Do you have favourite programs for creating the graphics for your totes and patches? 

I use Photoshop and I do the bare minimum. My images are completely hand drawn and I vector them without changing the original.

If you were a monster, what kind would you be?

A zombie, I would ALWAYS be a zombie.

You can keep up to date with Ky and the CheapThrillsCompany here: 
Instagram: @CheapThrillsCo

Upcoming Shows 
-Nov 20th Gladstone Flea @ The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
-Dec 3+4 Pink Market @ 519 Church St, Toronto
-Dec 17th Test Etsy Christmas Market @ 365 College St, Toronto
-Dec 18th Punk Rock Flea @ Club Absinthe, Hamilton

Interviewed by Ayisha Gariba of TheBaconBerryCardCo on Nov 18, 2016 in Toronto. 

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