DINOVEMBER at the Toronto Etsy Street Team Gallery

Fossil amonnite ring by Slashpile Designs
Join for the second weekend of DINOVEMBER at the Toronto Etsy Street Team Gallery! Find a celebration of all things dinosaur - and in fact all extinct life of the Mesozoic - at the Toronto Etsy Street Team Gallery, 906 Queen St W, from 12 to 6 this weekend or 10:30 to 2:30 on Tuesday.

Fine art: painting, printmaking and scupture; jewellery, housewares, cards and toys and some great gift ideas for dinosaur-lovers young and old! Here's a little peak at items in the show.
Terra Incognita by PaperParadigm
Dinosaur planters from
Sonic Bloom

Watercolour whimsical dinosaurs from Deirdre Wicks of Water in my Paint
Screenprinted T. rexes on paper and as stuffed animals by sunandstarsco

Dinosaur heart multimedia sculpture by the vexed muddler

Linocut dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures from minouette

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