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We have new sellers joining our Bootcamp all the time, so even though this is Class 24, you can join now or anytime! This class in particular has some new information for Newbies and experienced sellers alike.

Canadian Flag Enamel Pin from carolyndraws

Are you tired of trying to choose a fair shipping rate for Canada when there are huge differences in costs depending on postal code? Do you hate having to adjust shipping rates for Canada, the US and worldwide, every time Canada Post changes their rates? Do you sometimes get the rate wrong? Are you spending time refunding shoppers because you overestimated shipping (in an effort to never be out of pocket)? Shipping is not always straightforward.... but there's some good news! Etsy has finally introduced calculated shipping for any seller using Canada Post! You can buy and print your own labels (at Etsy's discounted rate), stick it on your package and drop it in the mail.

Calculated Shipping: nuts and bolts
  1. Visit Shop Manager > Listings > Add a listing. Or, you can edit an existing Listing!
  2. Scroll down to the Shipping section and make sure your shipping costs are set to Calculate them for me (Recommended).
  3. Enter the postal code from which you will ship your package. Shipping rates will be calculated based on your location.
  4. Confirm where you’d like to ship. 
    • Note:  Canada is a required shipping destination, but you can add or remove other countries whenever you like. To ship only to your shop country, remove the checkmark from All countries.
  5. Confirm which shipping services you’d like to offer.
  6. Set an optional handling fee. Handling fees are included in the total shipping cost and are applied to each item in an order.
  7. Save the information as a shipping profile by selecting Save as a shipping profile or clicking the Publish button.
 Canadian sellers will be able to enable or disable upgrades via the Upgrades tab.
Calculated Shipping: Shipping Profiles

If you have a lot of listings, and especially if you have a lot of listing of things which are similar or you want to treat the same way, you'll want to set up Shipping Profiles for multiple listings. You can also follow these steps from the Shipping Settings page and clicking Add a shipping profile. This allows you to edit large numbers of listings at once. For instance, if you decide to ever change the optional handling fee, hold a domestic or international free shipping event for a category or if you want to take an entire category of items and remove them from your shop (temporarily or permanently), this is the way to do this efficiently.

I sell prints so I usually have multiples, but some listings are unique. I use Shipping Profile to remove all the unique items from my shop if I plan to take them to an in-person sale. I can then remove any no longer available unique items at my leisure or relist unsold unique items with a single click.

Using Shipping Profiles also means that the first several steps are automatic and you don't have retype your postal code again and again! You will always be prompted to enter the weight and dimensions though, even if you use Shipping Profiles. But, you will only have to ever do this once, rather than every time you sell a listing.


How to apply calculated shipping to multiple listings

  1. To add a calculated shipping profile to multiple listings, visit Shop Manager > Listings.
  2. Check listings that need calculated shipping profiles.
  3. Click More Actions > Shipping Profiles from the dropdown, or Editing Options > Change Shipping Profiles (if you have previously set up Shipping Profiles)
  4. Select the (new) calculated profile that you’d like to apply to your listings. You’ll see a short preview of the profile’s settings including processing time, shipping destinations, handling fee, and mail classes. NOTE: If you want to update listings with existing profiles, you will first have to manually add the weight and dimensions of their shipping packages. So, you will have one place for the dimensions of the product and one place for the dimensions of the package.

Discounted Shipping For Multiple Items

Combined shipping costs give buyers a shipping discount for ordering multiple items from your shop.
Note: It isn't possible to set discounted rates for listings with calculated shipping.

If an order has listings with a mixture of calculated and manually-set costs, Etsy first calculate costs for the listings using calculated shipping. Then they add the "each additional item" cost to the remaining listings to determine the order's shipping total.

For now, you can only offer coupons for sellers who buy multiple items, or revise shipping costs after a sale of multiple items, if you wish to offer combined shipping pricing and calculated shipping. 

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