And the winners are...

For the BIG prize, the one of everything, the gonna need a wheelbarrow size mega prize:

TICKET 2137121

For the runner up prize:

TICKET 2136899

And lastly for the mug winners:

TICKET 2136109 and TICKET 1347795

You've got TWO weeks to claim your prizes! If you don't claim your prize in two weeks I'm going to re-draw!! How to claim your prize? Simple! If you have a matching ticket to any of the number above just email us a photo! 


  1. Heyy.. yeah, what they said ^ - the images are broken.

  2. I think I am in the right draw? our tickets start with 4 instead of 2....

    1. I am assuming they sold a very large amount of tickets so they probably went through multiple rolls of tickets, hence the different colors and numbers ...


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