Valentine's Day in the City

Less than a month away till Valentine's Day. Show your love with great handmade items from T.E.S.T., like new member HeyRube's I Heart You Card.

Just in time for Valentine's, get the Love Spells - Love Spell type Roll on Perfume by bubbletub

Give a one of a kind heart with THE Heart of Glass by nanopod

Give a tiny piece of art like the Bunny Love ACEO by ivaart

Encourage her dreams with Sterling Silver Pink Pearl Charm Bracelet by josoriginals

Keep your loved one warm with a Crocheted Flower Hat by slcaldwell225

For the reader: Stitched Cotton Heart on Natural Oatmeal Linen Bookmark by eyespotdesigns

Give kisses to your love with the Smooches Handkerchief by avrilloretti

For the fashionista: give the romantic pink silk hair band by tweek by ilovetweek

Earrings - Pink Heart Valentine by alisonsyer would make a great gift.

Show your love with the The Elizabeth Barrett Browning Collar - Red and Cream - Reversible by wintergarden

For the zombie fan or anatomist, get the Thinking of You Valentine IV - Multimedia Linocut Car by minouette

Show you're linked with the Black and red chainmaille ring by IvoryMorgan

Give the Fabienne Love Extra Long Necklace by 72studios

Beautiful housewares work for all occasions. Surprise her with the Kimono Pillow by gracedesign

For the music lover: Feel the Music by kellykrushel

Keep your lover warm through the cold winter with gauntlets by Dylaniumknits

Give the Golden Heart Handmade Card by SepiCards

Jewelry is always a good choose. Give the romantic fire red fan necklace by amandadelacruz

Does your friend have a great sense of humour and want a new boyfriend? Give the hilarious Larry David Sham Boyfriend Material Series by wolfieclothing


  1. Wow thank you for adding my lovespell perfume, there are so many fabulous choices for Valentines Day here, so hard to choose :o)

  2. A lovespell perfume seemed just the right thing!



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