Vender Call: Bazaar of the Bizarre

New T.E.S.T. member Plastik Wrap is pleased to announce, that we are organizing a spring version of the "The Bazaar of the Bizarre"!

If you have not been before, check out our past events here.
We would like to invite you to join us at the spring Circus Side Show!

Artists, clothing designers, craft-folk, publishers and other independent makers of all things exotic, whimsical and macabre are encouraged to join us for this eccentric marketplace to be held at the Pia Bowman ballet school (6 Noble st.) on Sunday, March 20th/2010. The event is free for public to attend and is open from 11am till 7pm.

We are quite excited about having a spring edition of this successful marketplace. If you would like to be a part of this event an online application form is available here.

This is a jurried application, we do not guarantee a space for everyone who signs up. So please fill out your application to the best of your abilities.

Please note, the application deadline is February 5th.


  1. I listed this event on Funky Finds' Handmade Events Around the World page-->

    What are the hours of the event?

  2. Hi Funky Finds,

    Thanks for your comment, for cross-listing the Bazaar of the Bizarre and for pointing out that hours weren't listed! We've just added this information to the post:
    "The event is free for public to attend and is open from 11am till 7pm."



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