Talented Newbies (Jewelry)

Help these T.E.S.T. members get their first sale or first feedback!

Today, I was looking at T.E.S.T. members under Jewelry and noticed that I Heart Blackbird, JeweLust, Harriet and Georg, Melisma Wirework, MizuDesign, Designs by Liv, and  Armalique are all in need of their first sale and/or first feedback.

So I decided to go each shop and pick my favourite item. Have a look at these talented T.E.S.T. members. Maybe you'll find that item you've been looking for...
Clouded Quartz Necklace
by I heart Blackbird
Silver Embrace Pink Jade Necklace
by JeweLust
Cute Rainbow Baby Bird Magnets
by Harriet and Georg

written by T.E.S.T. Member Jacqueline


  1. Thank you very much Jacqueline for the mention. I'm excited to be part of Toronto's craft community. It's so great to see the beautiful art that comes from the talented people in our city.

    Designed by Liv

    p.s. Feel free to message me about any of my pieces. I will have more jewelry up soon.

  2. Thanks Jacqueline for the mention! Appreciate it!
    I'm excited to be part of Toronto's creative and talented Etsy community!



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