10 Tips for Twitter to help your Etsy Shop

Another helpful tip from Made by Hand

There is not doubt that social media (Facebook and Twitter) can be beneficial to expanding your business or etsy shop.  Twitter promotion is a reason many businesses have been flocking to twitter.  A lot of you may have already dipped your feet into twitter.  Social media can be a powerful tool to launch or expand your crafting business and allow others to interact with your creations.  Here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way:

#1 Pitch Pusher:  A great quote I read "… think of twitter like the water cooler at the office".  If you are constantly tweeting about your business and pushing a sales pitch your followers aren't going to be very interested in what you have to say. 

#2 Be Human:  Scheduled tweets can be benifital but try and mix it up with conversation too!
#3 Listen:  Take a moment and listen to what others are saying.  Another great quote " … twitter is like a party of strangers.", so listen to what your followers are saying, maybe anwser some questions or engage in some conversation.

#4 Be a Helper:  This kindof goes with listening.  Offer something to people with your tweets, information, entertainment or tips. Reply to other tweets - anwsering or commenting on other posts.  A helpful tweeter will make you someone that others want to talk to.
#5 Give 'em what the want:  Do a search - find out what your followers want.   Perhaps your readers don't want to know that you just walked your dog, but maybe that you walked your dog and the handmade scarf by … kept me warm. 
#6 Keep it light:  Ensure your tweets aren't link heavy (ie. a URL with each tweet).  Sometimes readers just want to read
#7 Share:  Did you read an interesting article or an interesting tweet? Share it - retweet it. 

#8 Promote others: This one I really love, if I see something (especially handmade), I love to promote other shops (even if they don’t promote me). RT = retweet

#9 Build lists or streams to follow a group at once (for example, I use www.hootsuite.com and have several streams, including the @TorontoEtsyST/t-e-s-t-y-people )

#10 Ask: Tweeting your blog posts and shop etsy is okay, but what about wording your tweet as a question

Follow @TorontoEtsyST on twitter ... better yet you can read all of the tweets from the Toronto Etsy team @TorontoEtsyST/t-e-s-t-y-people .  Don't have twitter?  What are you waiting for it's free http://www.twitter.com/
This article was originally published on Made by Hand


  1. Great tips. Thanks for the article

  2. Thanks Jacqueline for porvide the links for the team twitter and twitter list!

  3. great tips, thanks for taking time to post!


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