Vendor Tips: 5 tips to attract visitors to your booth

Author: Jacqueline

It's summer festival time.  So you've set up your booth and are eagerly waiting people to visit.  Now what?  How do you encourage more visitors to stop at your booth? I thought I'd share my article: 5 Tips to attract more visitors to your Booth.

1: Smile/Friendliness :
Something so little as a SMILE can go a long way.  Be sure you are always look happy to be at the show.  Uphappy exhibitors will likely turn away potential customers.  Be energetic and outgoing enough to start a conversation.

2. Stand Up (don't sit behind the table):
Customers are attracted booths where exhibitors who are standing and engaging people.  Better yet, get out from behind the table and stand in front of your booth.  Sometimes holding a product and asking people as they pass have you heard of "your product" is a great conversation starter).

3. Offer Something (freebies are great):
There is no doubt that customers love to get free stuff.  Offer customers a free sample or a free promotional piece (ie. pens, magnets with your company information.  At past shows, I make little goodie bags with a business card, promo flyer and a candy, sample, magnet or pen).  For example, at a past show I made 100 handmade gift tags (which I was which I included in the goodie bags). 

4. Hands-on or Demos: (linked with 3)
Customers love to touch, feel or taste.  Offer customers a demo, taster or a hands on opportunity.  While at a past show, I witnessed an exhibitor offering customers to make their own string bookmark with a few loose beads.  This was a great way to draw customers, and while they are there that's your opportunity to pitch.

5.  Entertainment/Contest: (linked with 3 & 4)
If your booth looks fun, it attracts people.  Entertain visitors with a fun game or balloon pop (for a discount or free gift).  I'm always attracted to booths where I get to participate.  Sometimes winning a 'coupon, discount or that free gift with purchase' educes that impulse buy.  How about a free contest 'enter to win', not only does this make a good conversation started, but it also helps build your mailing list.

Remember the more people who visit you booth, the more potential customers and sales you could have.  I hope these tips help increase traffic at your booth. 

Happy Crafting.

~ Jacqueline
(source: originally posted on the Made by Hand Show website)

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  1. Great ideas!! I am part of a carnival themed party in a few weeks at Homegrown Boutique in Yorkville and it would be a lot of fun to have games to win coupons!!


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