Etsy meet-up

Nada the Canadian Etsy admin hosted her first official Etsy meet-up at Oz Studios, at Ossington and Dundas, last Friday night. The evening included a panel of speakers: Arounna from bookhouathome, Sarah from thehouseofhemp and T.E.S.T.'s own Alison of gracedesign with Q&A, food and drink, DJs and photographers in the crowd. It was great to see a large turn out from TEST and meet many other lovely local sellers. It was a fun night and we're looking forward to more Official Etsy events in Toronto in the future.

If you were just introduced to TEST at the event, welcome to our blog! You can find us in the forums and we'll try to process applications as soon as we can.

Look for more on this event on the Etsy blog soon, including some familiar TESTy faces!

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