Vendor Call: OCADU Book Arts Fair

The first Saturday every December it's time for the annual Book Arts Fair.... in time for the holiday season. Visitors can peruse and purchase hand-printed and bound books, prints, artist multiples, handmade paper and cards, buttons, totes, letterpress posters and much more!

Fifty to sixty book artists, printmakers, very small publishers, ‘zine’makers, OCAD students, professional artists, letterpress printers, papermaking and printmaking suppliers, and cooperative print shops will all be on hand offering unique gifts, collector's items and other treasures. The OCAD Book Arts Fair is a long-running annual venue for showcasing book arts, a passionate, underground form of visual arts that has been growing in popularity.

"In a culture that increasingly sees the Book as obsolete, artists are contemplating the Book's role as an information vehicle,” remarked Book Arts Fair Co-founder and OCAD Printmaking program faculty George Walker. “The Book has stood the test of time but will it survive the new digital information revolution? It must! See how artists meet the challenge of creating in the book format and addressing the issues of the role of books in our future."

In addition to browsing the items for sale, visitors can tour OCAD’s five printmaking studios to watch and to participate in student and guest artist demonstrations in printing, binding and papermaking. Proceeds from mounting the Fair, and from donations support student book artists and printmakers in OCAD’s Printmaking program.”

The OCAD Book Arts Fair Facebook page. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 23rd.

Date: December 1, 2012
When: 10-5
$40 for a full table, $25 for a half table.

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