Vendor call: Market 707 Pop-ups

Market 707 Pop-ups

INTRODUCING: Market 707 Pop-ups! Pop-up retail is gaining momentum in Toronto and it’s next stop? Market 707! In April 2013, Market 707 will be opening 5 new container stalls available to vendors for short periods of time (typically a month). This limited-time opportunity might be the opportunity you have been looking for to get your idea off the ground! What better space to launch your business, test our product, showcase your art or build your customer base than in this urban container market?
What is a pop-up shop? At Scadding Court, Pop-up Shops are temporary stores that take over, transform and launch their product, business or art out of Market 707 – a market made of salvaged shipping containers located at the corner of Dundas and Bathurst Streets. The goal? Pop-up retail allows you to create a unique environment that engages your customers, in a relevant and interactive way. Think you have a good idea and just looking for a way to gain momentum? This might just be the perfect opportunity for you.
What are the spaces like? We’ve redesigned these new container stalls to be better suited for retail, art and services.

Market 707 Pop-up includes five stalls, four of which are 10’ x 8’ and the fifth is 20’ x 8’. The spaces are provided to you as a shell with walls, insulation, windows and electrical capacity.
How can entrepreneurs or artists get involved? Pop-up spaces will be available for rent from April to May 2013. Applications to rent a space are open now! What do vendors need?:
  • Existing or capacity to establish online presence
  • A plan to ensure their business will draw foot traffic
  • Any relevant fixtures, furniture and signage to display or present your product, art or service
Interested? Fill out a Pop-up Application Form and contact Nikki at 416-392-0335 or for more details.
About the local neighbourhood:Located in the up and coming Dundas Street West neighbourhood, Market 707 is positioned between Kensington Market, Queen Street West and Chinatown. The placement of the pop-up containers will be ideally located between the existing Market 707, near the high-traffic Alexandra Park and outdoor swimming pool. Vendors will also benefit from the multitude of summer events planned at SCCC’s Market 707.

Note (from comments): The first round of applications (for the first few months) is due April 5th! Check out our website for the most up to date information:


  1. The first round of applications (for the first few months) is due April 5th! Check out our website for the most up to date information:


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