Etsy News

Big news from Etsy today. They are issuing new guidelines. There are new ways for sellers to collaborate with other people, and even apply to work with manufacturers (and they have included ethical guidelines for choosing manufacturers). At the same time they've reiterated that resellers are banned, made their efforts to find and remove the rule breakers more transparent and added an Integrity page where they will publish statistics on internal and external reports of listings and sellers in violation of Etsy rules, and their efforts to remove these.

Also, today they are rolling out Direct Checkout for all Canadian sellers. So, if you were not able to do so previously, you should now be able to allow buyers to pay by credit cards and debit cards as well as PayPal.


  1. thank you for this concise and positive summary of yesterday's changes! I have shared a link to your wonderful blog with the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (WEST) - thanks again!

  2. Thank you! Send our best TEST greetings to WEST!


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