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We are excited to welcome some of Toronto's vibrant vintage community to be a part of this years Made in Canada show. We've got 7 amazing vintage sellers in the show and we're also super excited to be teaming up with The Ian Drummond Collection to bring you a Vintage Workshop! You can check out our vintage sellers in this years Vendor Lookbook found here.

Last years inaugural Made in Canada show featured some pretty fantastic workshop by some of Toronto's local talents. This year, as we've said before, we are coming out with an even bigger and better show, and that includes our lineup of workshops.

Etsy: Made in Canada Toronto, is proud to present a 1 hour vintage workshop lead by Ian and Marla
of Ian Drummond Collection. Ian Drummond Collection specializes in vintage items primarily for rental to industry professionals in film, television & theatre. The collection houses everything from Vintage Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry & Accessories with stock spanning from the 1890s up to the 1990s.

Along with his vintage rental business, he is also a seasoned vet in the vintage show circuit and is a regular vendor at CAFCAD’s Movie Wardrobe Sale, Toronto Vintage Clothing Sale, the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale and the Vintage Marketplace Show.  He operates 3 online Etsy shops - Ian Drummond Vintage, IDCMasculine, and Ian Drummond Stash.

The workshop will cover topics such as:
Accessing vintage items
How to properly care for a vintage collection
Renting and selling vintage
Vending tips and tricks at vintage shows
Hands on participation from attendees

This is a great learning opportunity for any newbie vintage enthusiast, a vintage lover thinking about opening a shop on Etsy or a seasoned vintage expert. He will share his passion for vintage, experiences as an assistant costume designer and wardrobe buyer for films. As well as what goes into owning a vintage rental business and his show vending knowledge.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

Want to know more about Ian Drummond Collection?

Workshop RSVP and time TBD
watch our Facebook event page for details. 


  1. This is fantastic. As a an Etsy seller on hiatus it is great to see more acknowledgement for the vintage seller's needs in Toronto/Canada. Maybe coming off hiatus soon?? LOL

    1. You can sign up to this wonderful FREE vintage workshop by going to this link:

      Spaces are limited, you won't want to miss it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You can sign up to this wonderful FREE vintage workshop by going to this link:

    Spaces are limited, you won't want to miss it!


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