Partnering with Chatime

We're less than a month and counting to our Second Etsy: Made in Canada show! We'd like to introduce you to another of our wonderful sponsors, one who will be with us at the show on September 26th.

Chatime is a global quick serve tea chain of innovative tea beverages, currently with 20 stores in Canada. Our goal is to always serve our customers the perfect cup of tea, made exactly how they want it.  There are over 100 ways to drink tea on our menu with each cup brewed to perfection using automated tea brewers and leading edge tea-presso machines. Our customers can adjust their drink to adjust the sugar and ice levels to their liking. In addition, drinks can be further customized by adding one or more of our fun and delicious toppings, many of which are freshly handcrafted in store each day, like tapioca pearls, pudding, and grass jelly! 

Chatime will have be setup at the show on September 26th and ready to serve you some tasty drinks! 

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