Instagram #WeBeTEST 29 day intro challenge

Teammates, I've been trying to come up with a way to connect all of us TEST members via social media, for the team itself and for our audience, and the night before last I got it...

Let's do a 29 day (for the full month of February - yes, starting tomorrow) challenge together on Instagram. The idea is to let your audience get to know you over the month - a bit of #meetthemaker for the Toronto Etsy Street Team. So there are 29 prompts. I know a few members are not going to be here for the full month of February so they will either schedule their posts for those days or just skip them. Whatever you can do, do, but please don't stress about it, it's meant to be fun!

If you have an Instagram account, please join us by downloading one of the attached images with the prompts (to the right and below) and post it before your first post on Monday, and INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #WeBeTEST WITH EVERY ASSOCIATED POST.

If you are not on Instagram, this is the perfect way to get started - just interpret the prompt and join in (be sure to include that hashtag: #WeBeTEST ). Creating an account is easy, just download the app on your phone or tablet.

When you're finished the month, you should have enough material to create your blurb video on your About Page in your Etsy shop!


There should be a few images of you in there, including day 1, day 10 (you working on your amazing products), and a video of you making on day 16. People want to get to know you and love to see your process!

There are a few that are scheduled for Thursdays and could be #tbt (throwback Thursday) images including day 11: my first Etsy listing or sale, day 18: my display (at a show or in a shop), and day 25: My Hometown.

On Day 14 (Valentine's Day) let's share the love and post our favourite product from a teammate! (Or do several throughout the day if you can't choose one!)

Days 6, 13, and 26, My Unique, Colour, and Textures should really be of your products - we want to see your work!

Be sure to include some comments with your photos including the prompt, #WeBeTEST and a bit about you photo/interpretation.

Let's do this thing, TEST peeps!

~ Lynn (Instagram: @lynnslids Etsy:


  1. What does one post for #am pickmeup!?

  2. What do you do to get going in the morning? Do you have coffee? Tea? Something else?


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