Vendor Call: Waterfront Artisans Market

WAM is an amazing local event that promotes local artisans, hand-made crafters, entrepreneurs and food makers in Toronto in HTO Park at the Waterfront. The vendor call is now open until February 20th. 
The Market will take place 6 weekends over the summer, 
-May 28/29, 
-June 18/19,
-July 1,2,3, 
-July 30, 31  
-August 1,  
-Sept 3,4,5 
-October 8,9,10

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Waterfront Artisan Market in 2016?

The Waterfront Artisan Market (WAM) is a great way to gain exposure for your business, launch a new product and connect with local customers in person. It's also a fun atmosphere and a place for you and your product (whether a scrumptious new food creation,  work of art or great product) to be discovered.
WAM welcomes many types of artisan vendors and creates an atmosphere where people can eat, shop, browse and enjoy the setting.  We are currently seeking vendors of artisanal products, unique gifts, packaged foods, and cook-on-site food.
The first jury deadline for applications is February 20, 2016.  To learn more and apply please visit our vendor information page by clicking below. Thank you for your interest!

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