#WeBeTEST Instagram Challenge: feedback and thanks!

I think I can safely say that the #WeBeTEST Instagram challenge was a success.  We had nearly 100 participants and over 2000 posts, most of which I captured on a Pinterest board here (except a couple on the first day and no videos...) I was looking at it yesterday and was totally struck by all of the storytelling the TEST members did. (see below)

I'm seeing copycat challenges all over the place now, which I suppose is the best form of flattery, right?

In the words of some of our participants via their Instagram posts (not including all of the had fun, thanks, great getting to know TEST members comments):
  • I have to say that taking part in this Instagram challenge has been a huge leap for me and my little handmade business. I loved getting to know my fellow #torontoetsystreetteam peeps and look forward to meeting you at various shows around the city. - a2ddesigns
  • I’ve had so much fun on this challenge with my fellow Toronto Etsy Street Team members & learned about my fellow teammates, and also about myself and this little company I run. It’s inspired some new projects that are VERY exciting and I cannot wait to share them with all of you!! - sproutspress   
  • This was a fun challenge and I got to learn alot from other local Etsy sellers. - csfootprints
  • I agree with many of you who already mentioned how good it was to be part of this challenge and get familiar with other #torontoetsystreetteam members. It has been a great pleasure to meet you all! - snezana.kostimusha
  • We did it!! Like many of you this whole challenge was a bit of a leap for me, but like anytime I take a leap, there are untold benefits. So happy I did this and got to share it with a remarkable group of artists! - cheekymonkeybyl 
  • Though I feel like I'm kind of limping to the end of the #WeBeTEST challenge, I want to say #thankyou to my fellow #torontoetsystreetteam members. It's been great getting to 'know' you! And an extra special thank you to @lynnslids for organizing the challenge and for welcoming me to the team! 😊- iwantmomomama
  • Taking this #WeBeTest challenge was a leap for me too. It's been so great meeting other #torontoetsystreetteam members and feeling a huge sense #community from all of you. - jenallisonphoto
  • This was so great for me! This challenge was fun, inspiring and challenging 😉 I was hesitant in the beginning, didn't feel comfortable with taking a selfie and overall putting myself out there. But it got me out of my shell, taught me how to better use social media and enjoy it, exposed me to the community and other local artists. Thank you! I am so happy I joined. - bubynoa 
  • ... when I first heard about this challenge I wasn't even going to participate in it because I didnt think I would be able to stick with it. I also didn't know the rest of the team that well and am a tad bit shy, so I was a little nervous..., taking that chance. I'm so glad I took that leap! Added so many members from such a talented and supportive team.  - audrey.enfysphotography
  • Everything I do is for my daughter including this business. I want her to see that I am conquering my fears on this journey. Thank you all for your support, especially #torontoetsystreetteam and @nathalieroze for the gentle push. :) I am so glad I did this challenge. - makysbows
  • The final day of this fabulous Instagram challenge! Thanks so much to the organizers! I feel more contact to other TEST members and to my jewellery making again! I look forward to participate in other future TEST activities! - oiseaudesigns
  • It was so great learning more about fellow Test artists/makers! ... this was a great idea and although I wasn't able to share everyday I had a lot of fun when I did! Good luck everyone, looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations in the future! - threeonthetreetop
  • I've truly enjoyed this challenge. I've been so inspired by all of you and your work! - andreateetoo
  • I've enjoyed seeing how the #torontoetsystreetteam took on this February challenge! Great to find more of you and see how everyone interpreted each prompt creatively. - the.minouette
  • Thank you for starting all this. It was a great idea and tons of fun both to participate and to meet other makers! - artthatmoves
  • Thanks to #lynnslids and#torontoetsystreetteam for this motivational challenge - lmung
  • Thanks ... for setting up such a wonderful month of activities to share our personal stories and craft...  - ngadinhart
  • I hope you guys had fun doing the challenge or reading the challenge. I hope to partake in more of them because it was great having such amazing prompts. It was also great to see a bunch of makers for the most part supporting each other... Just having that camaraderie and support in a city of artists and makers. It's pretty cool. - knittylittlesecret
  • Thanks for the photo challenge this month, it's nice to have a bit of a push to post something everyday, and it was fun to see everyone else's interpretations of the daily themes. - geekglass
  • It's been a blast! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me as I did about you. Thank you so much for following along on this challenge and beyond. Let's continue this creative journey together... there is so much more to discover. - thechemisttree
Plus some comments on our private member group:
  • Can I just say how much I'm LOVING all the ‪#‎WeBeTEST‬ posts on Instagram? ... it's really great to see all the talent in this group!
  • I love this challenge. I'm so into peeping into fellow testers craft spaces
  • This IS a great challenge and is definitely helping me get connected with other T.E.S.T. members - which is so valuable! My 2016 goal is to rehaul and revamp my Etsy shop and presence. So thank you for this kickstart!
  • Fun, interesting and good exercise for this social-media-neophyte!
  • It's been a great IG challenge for the team! Thanks for thinking of such an interactive challenge for Test members
  • I have always found it a struggle to be regular in my posting. It doesn't come easily. But, I've loved this challenge. Even when struggling to find something on the more challenging posts (for me) I was able to. Very empowering!! Gotta thank you Lynn, and everyone who is participating - was fun to do, and read!! I think I'm going to try and make up monthly post ideas going forward. Keep up the momentum.
  • Me too! don't want it to end, it actually helped by giving me a topic to post about.
A few of us TEST members did blog posts on the challenge, including Art That Moves, thunderpeep did one on the challenge in general, and one on the Feb 14 prompt, and I did a few, because I was so impressed with everyone!

Thank you!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, including latecomers (yay!), whether you posted every day, sporadically, or only a few days... it has been fantastic, and I'm so glad you learned a lot, had fun, and challenged yourselves. You outdid yourselves, and I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos, stories and your feedback.  ~ Lynn

This amalgamated photo below doesn't show everyone, but the selfies posted on day 1 by about 5pm

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  1. Lynn thanks for the fantastic job you did on behalf of the team! It was a great idea and a great challenge. I think we should do it every February to brighten up the month. I know that's what it did for me (:


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