Craft Swap!

Time for some Crafty Spring Cleaning!

That is it's time to overhaul your craft drawers - you know all those supplies you bought, having every intention of using, but just never found the time (or inspiration) or maybe you just have lot's of extra pieces that you didn't end up using on your last project... whatever the story, we're here to help with it!

Bring us your new or gently used craft supplies, books - anything a fellow crafter could make use of and swap them for some new-to-you supplies.

The Swap will be happening on Saturday March 18th from noon to 6pm at the Gallery, and we'll have the Gallery open from 4pm to 6pm on Thursday March 16th and Friday March 17th so you can drop off your old items ahead of time (we won't be accepting anything on the day of the show)

Join the facebook event page to stay in touch with all the details and feel free to share pics of your swap items!

Here's how it works:

  • clean out your craft closets and shelves and set aside all the items you are no longer using, that another craft enthusiast will be able to use
  • bundle up your items into packages worth approximately $5 in either a clear baggie, box or elastic (if they are not already packaged items. Your items MUST be bundled beforehand. We won’t bundle them for you. We have the final say on the worth of your bundles and we also have the right to reject any of your items. We will have a freebie table that you can leave these items on if you don’t want to take them home with you.These items will be free for the taking on swap day.
  • each bundle will be worth 1 ticket. You will receive a receipt for your drop off, which you will have to present on swap day to receive your tickets, so don’t lose the receipt!
  • your items must be dropped off BEFORE the swap. We’ll have the Gallery open on Thursday March 16th and Friday March 17th between 4pm and 6pm for you to drop off your items. 
  • There is a $5.00 fee to participate in the swap to cover the cost of the use of the Gallery space for the day.
  • on Saturday March 18 the swap will open at 12 noon and participants will be let in on a first come basis, we do anticipate a line up and we can only allow a certain amount of people at a time. Bring your own shopping bags and exchange your tickets for new-to-you supplies. If there are still lot’s of supplies leftover we will open the swap to non-participants in the last 2 hours, for a $10 charge worth 10 tickets.

Types of items we’ll be accepting (but not limited to): beads and bead findings, paint (up to half empty),  pens/pencils/markers, paint brushes, books on art/crafting, decorative papers, sketch pads/books, paper crafts, crafting tools, fabric, textiles, sewing tools, batting, wood, wax, gift boxes, unused packaging, mannequins/busts, frames.

We will accept larger, more expensive pieces for more than 1 ticket

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