WUNDERKAMMER: Cabinets of Curiosity Art Show at Toronto Etsy Street Team Gallery

The Toronto Etsy Street Team gallery are curating a science art show inspired by the eccentric, encyclopedic, natural history collections gathered since the Renaissance.

Cabinets of Curiosities featured treasured zoological, botanical, anatomical, fossil and gem specimen. Art and craft work depicting these specimen, cabinets of curiosity and the wonder of natural history are sought. Artists are encouraged to consider how their art might be displayed in ways which allude to the wunderkammer.

Artists will be charged a hanging fee of $50. The Toronto Etsy Street Team will retain a 10% fee to cover any processing fees of any sales and then all proceeds of art sales will go directly to the artist.

This application is open to Toronto artists and handmakers, in all media, with preference given to members of the Toronto Etsy Street Team. We especially encourage our team members to apply!


Also, we're very excited to announce a series of planned art shows on our newly revamped Toronto Etsy Street Team Gallery page. We will be opening up more applications soon.

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