Of Rodents and Rabbits

It's all about small mammals with big teeth this February, starting with a very snowy Groundhog Day! T.E.S.T. can offer a rather more Canadian-themed rodent: check out these Beaver Stamp Cufflinks by cuffcraft, or the Toronto's most common rodent (we hope) the squirrel (see Little Squirrel by drelin). Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and we commence the Year of the Rabbit! ζ­ε–œε‘θ΄’! Kiung Hi Fat Chhoi! Enjoy all these bunnies and rabbits and hares!

Little Squirrel by drelin

We hope mice are less common, unless they are Purrrfect Eco Mice by Voteza

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Tu-z - The Rabbit, Linocut, 4th in Chinese Zodiac, Limited Edition by minouette

Year of the Rabbit art titled Meditative Rabbit Pointing at the Moon by GwenArtDreamscape

Get the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Plush Doll by quacked for your little rabbit.

Send the Year of the Rabbit Happy Chinese New Year card by VintagePaperParade

Fed your rabbits the best! Organic Orange Imperator Carrot Seeds by cubits

For your little bunny's hair: Bunny Rabbit Wool Felt Hair Clip

For the perpetually late bunny: The White Rabbit Ring by candychick

Get in on the vampire trend in the Year of the Rabbit: Fun Vampire Bunny Brooch by AutumnAndBoo

Wear the Bunny on Vanilla and Red. A fused glass pendant necklace. by ellecools

Decorate with the Screenprinted Wooden Ornament- bunny with maple leaves by genevievejodouin

For the baby bunny: Angel Bunny Knitted by GoodYarns

Wear the On Sale - Miniature Rabbit Manju Charm by PetiteCreation

Wear the CutiePie charm bracelet (with bunny) by ratgirl

Use the Bunny Silhouette - Available in Print or Web Versions by SoRad

Send the TAKE ME TO THE HOP - Greeting card by thegirlinyellow

Wear the Neighborhood Animals (1.25 inch button pack) by zomb

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