T.E.S.T Interview: Handmade in Toronto

We hope to introduce you to all the great Etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 53rd in our series with Kate of HandmadeInToronto.

Why did you decide to make jewelry?

I've always had a varied jewellery collection and can never walk past a jewellery shop or stall without looking. I took a beading course and found my creative side!

Do you have a favorite piece or technique?

Chainmaille designs are a definite favourite - they are challenging, elegant, time consuming and well worth the effort. So many different effects can be achieved by adding pearls, beads and pendants to chainmaille designs.

Is there a favorite piece among buyers?

My marquise earrings are very popular. The beads are so unusual, I think they catch the spirit of a warm evening in Venice. I make the ear wires by hammering the ends and filing them.

Is jewelry making more a hobby or a business?

I work full time as a realtor so making jewellery is part time; but it is a part time business. I love making jewellery and make things that I would buy / wear myself, however I do set targets for revenue, number of craft shows etc.

Do you have other hobbies?

I read LOTS!

Do you promote your shop to gain more visits and purchases?

To some degree - I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and am on Pinterest. I offer loyalty coupons with a % off next purchase. When I have time, I like spending time in the forums.

What do you like more selling online or in person?

Both have their ups and downs - online is quick and efficient. In person can be rewarding as there is an opportunity to engage the customer and build more of a relationship. I'll take sales either way! I pride myself on providing excellent customer service and can achieve that via both methods.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes - I've had quite a few in my 18 months on Etsy.

Check out the other items available from Kate in her Etsy shop! You can find more of her work on Twitter and Facebook.

Interviewed by Annafay and Lionelle of TwoCatsBoutique in May 2013 in Toronto.

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