T.E.S.T. Interview: IntrinzicDesign

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 74th in our series and is with Marlene Santilli of IntrinzicDesign

How has your fashion background influenced your product/Etsy shop?

My fashion background has influenced my creations as it's helped me to identify functional shapes and colours. Whenever I'm creating a product, I always aim to make something that stands out.  

How did you decide on cotton flannelette and flaxseed as materials to use for your heating and cooling pads?

I chose cotton flannelette because it's a very soft fabric. When heated or put in the freezer, it has a very comforting feel to it. Since my heating and cooling pads are primarily used for aches, pains and relaxation, this fabric selection was particularly important in order to achieve that soothing feel. I selected flaxseed as the filling as it's an ancient grain that contains natural oils, which can be reheated again and again. Flaxseed is good to be used as a compress for healing colds, flus, infections and pain. That being said, flaxseed and cotton flannelette fabric make for a winning combo! I come from a family who have used flaxseed for years and thought it would be a good product to share with others.

Your heating and cooling pads are created using fabrics in a wide variety of patterns. How do you select your fabric patterns and is there a particular aesthetic you are drawn to?

I look for prints that are pleasing to the eye. They must look soothing, preferably not be too light in colour (I don't want them to look bland) yet have a fun vibe at the same time.  

Aside from heating and cooling pads you also make lavender sachets and lavender heating pads. Why did you choose lavender and do you have plans to create with any other scents?

I choose lavender for my sachets and heating pads because it is extremely relaxing, calming and at the same time refreshing. I take custom orders, so am happy to include other scents should a customer be interested!

How does it feel to create products that promote well being, comfort and healing?

It's extremely fulfilling to create products that promote wellness. I can be creative and at the same time help people feel better. For me, it doesn't get any better than that!  

Marlene on R, daughter Vanessa on L
Check out the other items available from Marlene in her Intrinzic Etsy Shop!  She's also on Instagram and Facebook.

You will find Marlene at the Youth-led Pop Up Market:
Date: March 28, 2015 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: CSI Annex - The Garage 720 Bathurst st (ground floor)

Interviewed by Lillian of ThreeontheTreetop March 24, 2015 in Toronto. 

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