T.E.S.T. Interview: SewnWithLoveByMom

We hope to introduce you to all the great etsy sellers to be found right here in Toronto. Here at the T.E.S.T. blog, we plan to interview them all. This is the 73rd in our series and is with Anne Pathammavong of SewnWithLoveByMom.  

How did the idea of starting SewnWithLoveByMom appear?

When I was pregnant with my son Benjamin I spent way too much time browsing for baby items. I noticed everything was pink or blue and nothing that matched my modern decor. I wanted to create modern and practical baby items I would use with my own son. I love sewing and creating items and it seemed like a natural fit.  

Where does your inspiration come from?

A few things - Benjamin, my son, mid-century furniture and Modern Art and design. From a practical stand point I also wanted functional baby items that would get a lot of use. I created baby bandanas for Benjamin because he wouldn't stop drooling and I didn't want to have to change his outfit five times a day. 

What materials do you like most to use for your creations?

I love the variety of prints you can get with basic cotton and how soft fleece is. I'm also working on a few projects that involve organic materials like organic bamboo, organic terry cloth and organic fabric.

What advice would you give to the other young mothers, who want to start their own business?

I would just tell them to jump right in and do it! Make a business plan and work on your business when the baby sleeps. Doing a bit every day is better than nothing.   

What marketing strategies do you prefer?

As a brand new shop I'm focused on perfecting the basics like Search Engine Optimization in Etsy. I hope to have more strategies in the next few months.  

Anything else you would love to tell us?

My mom is a seamstress and I grew up sewing on industrial sewing machines in my parents basement. While other kids were playing during march break and summers I was there helping her with her business. I'm also slowly adding new items every week and look forward to being a part of the Toronto Etsy Street Team.
Check out the other items available from Anne in her Etsy Shop! You can find also find her on:
Twitter: @SewnwithLoveMom
SewnwithLoveByMommy on Facebook

Anne Pathammavong was interviewed by Julia Alimova of VIVIDClothingToronto, February 16, 2015. 

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