Vlog: One Of A Kind Toronto Spring Show 2015

 One Of A Kind Toronto Spring Show 2015! On this vlog I will take you to see some of my friends/ work I love at the OOAK show. The show goes on from Mar.25th-29th So I hope you will go see all the wonderful work at the show.
Thank you to everyone that let be video tape there wonderful work!

Who you will see in the video and here you can find them at the show:
Queenie's Cards E05
ReFluff E23
The Candi Factory G19
Carolyndraws I13
Greg Voisin Pottery J19
Brooch Boyfriends N32
Kiriki Press N24
Embroiderwee N20
Clay Shapes Pottery P48J
Pikelet Workshop P44E
Little Bellwoods Q41A
The Teeny Tiny Bakery Q41B
OOAK website: http://www.oneofakindshow.com/toronto/index.php

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