ARTS VENDOR CALL OUT - PEACE FEST, Aug 21, 2015, Mel Lastman Square
Have crafts or art pieces related to peace and eco-friendly/upcycle items?
We would like to invite YOU to showcase your creative and inspirational pieces with the North York community at Peace Fest to celebrate our collective pursuit of peace in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in Asia.

*art pieces and crafts need not have an "Asian" theme...just in case you were wondering.

Feel free to email for any questions you have

Submit your vendor application here ASAP:

Learn more about "History + Art = Peace" here:!history--art--peace/c23vw 

Brief Introduction to ALPHA Education
ALPHA's mission is to promote the learning and critical understanding of WWII in Asia to affirm the values of justice, peace, and reconciliation from a humanity perspective. We hope to engage youth and the wider community on human rights' issues from WWII in Asia through various types of arts in order foster a deeper understanding of history and humanity as well as inspire others to be socially responsible. HAP includes a film series, visual arts series, theatre series, community commemoration event, and a Peace Fest.

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